The posing on the stage is one of the keys to the competition, it is where all the work done for months is shown and if we do it well we can get a lot of our body and get in very good position thanks to “art of posing well”; on the other hand, if our Posing is weak, you run the risk of overemphasizing the weak sides of your physique and making your strengths go unnoticed.

The categories of Fitness Bikini and Body Fitness have different poses, since in them we show the work of the musculature and not all the competitors work the same muscles equally, nor have the same muscular development, nor are they evaluated in the same way. This is why the Bikini girls have their set of poses and the Body Girls theirs. The poses are always the same but each one can do a different choreography and be including each pose in the sequence in a personalized way.

There are several subcategories of pose: front poses, right profile, left profile and back.

In each of these subcategories there are different variants, the one that is chosen in each subcategory will depend on each competitor, since the objective of the poses is to emphasize at that moment the best sides of our body, reason why perhaps one is more favored with front pose and another girl in a different way.

In the poses we have to take into account different factors that are small details but that can make a big difference, like the good placement of the hair and the bikini or the sympathetic and confident attitude, smiling and looking at the judges.

Bikini Fitness Poses:

  • Front Poses: they are the first to be made before the judges, the arms can extend both or you can place one hand on the waist delicately and another extended.

Pose de frente

  • Profile Poses: in this case the placement of the legs is very important, you can put them in several ways, but the general one is lifting a little and supporting the tip of the foot of the profile that we are going to show on the ground, the part of the trunk we must tilt it and you have to see a nice profile showing our gluteus and a very finite waistline.

Pose de perfil

  • Poses of back: must be totally turned, in this we will show our whole body by the back, we must open the back so that the work of the upper train is seen. In the inferior one, we will see especially the work of the gluteus, but also we involve the femoral and the twins.

Pose de espaldas

In all positions must take into account transitions, movements are being made to change they pose and are very important because a good transition can make us the most beautiful and fluid choreography, and also prevent you look like a robot on stage.

Whatever your posture, you must make sure that it is well done, as it shows a lot when a posture is not well done and this subtracts many points. So you have to practice a lot to face a competition. Finally, the greetings are important, ideally when you are mentioned on the stage, when they make the presentation of all the competitors greet the judges and also when leaving the stage, so that the judges and the public know who you are.

A well-worked Posing routine will give you an overwhelming presence on stage, help you show your physique in the most flattering way possible and stand out from other competitors as well prepared as you.

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