The physique of a Bikini competitor is essential, but a perfect body is not the only thing that will achieve the victory, you should wear a full package: paying attention to the other elements that make part of your staging its vital to get all the necessary to win.

One of this key elements is the election of footwear you’ll wear, choose a model that fits the regulation of the competition, to your liking and that make you feel comfortable when walking with, may be a challenge. The Bikini Fitness competition shoes must be transparent, so that they help to create the illusion of larger legs and accentuate the shape of the twins without calling too much attention.

At Mussa, we understand all the necessities in the Bikini footwear girls, because of that we created a range of basic designs, to which we will be adding more little by little. Be a classic girl or a twinkling lover, at Mussa we have the competition footwear you need.

The Caliope model is the base all Bikini girl must have, the simplicity let the beauty of your legs shine on the stage while you are making the posing routine. Using this model, you can flaunt a more striking bikini with rhinestones to stand out the rest. But if you prefer a little of twinkling in each element you wear, our model Euterpe counts with rhinestones enhancing the heel, without set aside the elegance of the simplicity, with a frontal part of transparent vinyl.

If you are looking for a little more of design and extra security in the footwear, we have the Clío model for you: it has a beautiful enhancements of rhinestone in the frontal part and a delicate strap with a twinkling decorated buckle to give more support when walking, the perfect complement to set aside the other competitors.

If you like maximum support without giving up a decorative touch, our Erato model is what you are looking for: it has a strap that completely hold the ankle, closing with a twinkling decorated buckle. You’ll feel all the confidence you need to raze on the stage.

For the girls that want everything, the Melpomene model is the ideal. Same as Erato, it has a strap that completely hold the ankle; but it has a twinkling decorated heel besides the buckle that closes the sandal. You can walk with all the glamour that you have to show and captivate the judges.

Besides your liking, you should consider your height: if you are short, you will want to flaunt your legs the more possible, and to achieve you have our Caliope, Clio and Euterpe models as the more appropriate, because of the lack of frontal straps that could make you look like you have shorter legs. The tall and average height girls are on lucky: every of our model will favor to flaunt your kilometric legs.

The last but not least, is that you need to think on your comfort. You can notice when is hard to walk with the footwear, and more if you are already in the stage trying to pose and show the fruit of months of preparation, so if you fight walking with heels then our models with strap are a safe bet; nevertheless, the practice is crucial to dominate your Mussa: practice your posing with the footwear that you have chosen as much as necessary to move with grace and fluency… And enjoy your moment!

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