Our TALIA LUXURY model is here for all those girls who compete in the IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE.
  • Size: from 36 to 41
  • Heel height: 13’5 cm.
  • Platform: 2’7 cm.
  • Materials: Transparent vinyl vamp. Insole covered in silver leather and a black stamp. Transparent polycarbonate platform with a non-slip sole, block and heel with a nickel finish accompanied by a Swarovski® crystals sparkle.

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Made in Spain


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TALIA LUXURY is based on our TALIA model and is another member of the Mussa PRO family. Its sinuous and elegant lines are accompanied by cold colors such as metal, and contains dazzling flashes due to the Swarovski® crystals that begin at the base of the heel and travel all the way up the sides, where they vanish completely.

It is solely composed of a transparent, thin and malleable vinyl vamp, which in turn shows great resistance, and makes it highly adaptable and very comfortable when it comes to wearing our Mussa. The size of the vamp has been studied and tested to prevent it from slipping when walking, so you be able to walk with a firm and determined step.

The inner sole consists of a 4 mm sponge made up of a material called EVA, which provides a lot of comfort and a great recovery capacity. It is lined with natural silver leather, and has our “Mussa” stamp in black.

The shoe’s base is made of 3 parts; Block and heel with a high-quality glossy nickel finish and Swarovski® crystals, which rise suggesting a starry sky over a silver ocean. Finally, we have a completely transparent platform with a black non-slip sole.


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