Our Fitness bag was designed with very elegant lines, it’s ideal for competitions or for going to the gym.

  • Size: One size.
  • Measurements: 25 cm circumference x 50 cm width.
  • Capacity: 30 liters.
  • Exterior Materials: Maximum quality PU fabric, waterproof and easy to clean, in black color. Metallised fabric in nickel color. It has an adjustable webbing. The zipper and metal accessories finished of metal. White “Mussa” stamp on a leather rectangle covered with transparent vinyl.
  • Interior Materials: Black woven lining, includes an inside pocket with a metallic zipper.

We have taken care of every detail in this bag, making it a unique item.

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Made in Spain


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Inspired by all fitness girl we have created ZEUS, a very elegant cylindrical bag designed to be used in almost any day-to-day situation. Its medium size makes it very comfortable to transport and to store it in gym lockers. The upper part of our bag is mainly made of a black PU fabric of the highest quality, which is usually used to upholster nautical, automotive articles or fitness machines, making it very easy to clean. The bottom of the bag is made of a metallised fabric in nickel color, just like our shoes. The fabric Inside is made of 100% Nylon in black color, and has a zippered pocket. It also has a black webbing with nickel accessories. It can be self-adjusted and is easy to remove, depending on how you want to carry your bag. Finally, you can find our brand in the center of the bag in white over a piece of leather covered in transparent vinyl.