How is your posing doing? I always recommend not overlooking your performance on stage at all.

In the middle of the competition, your posing, your hairstyle, your accessories, your attitude… Your smile! Can make the difference against another similar physique.

Jessica Serrano has been invited to our blog today. You will recognize her on stage for her radiant smile and her charismatic positive attitude that judges adore.

This great Spanish athlete who spreads humility and joy, works hard every day of the year and that – as you well know – has its reward.

Jessica Serrano has competed at the IFBB for 5 years, winning her first Spanish Championship in 2017.

And even for more glory, she was awarded Spain’s Best Bikini that same year and since then her career has been unstoppable.

In 2019, she achieved the ultimate goal she had set for herself. Just two words: PRO CARD. We told you that Jessica was unstoppable. 😉

Thanks to her energy and confidence on stage, Mussa has trusted her without hesitation, to talk to you about performing on stage and to explain the obligatory poses in the Bikini Fitness competitions.

Furthermore, as Jessica has competed in the two main federations that currently exist in Spain (IFBB Elite and IFBB Pro League or NPC) she will tell us the differences between the posing in one federation and another.

And, of course, she’ll give you some final tips. Besides, she told us that if you want her to make another post about the transitions, you just need to ask for it in the comments. 😉

¡I really hope you enjoy this article and I would love it if you could share it as many times as you like!

(By the way, Jessica Serrano, thanks to her knowledge and experience, is planning to hold seminars in some Spanish cities during 2020-21. If you want to keep up to date with this Mussa’s career, I encourage you to follow her on social media).


Hi Mussa! As we all know, in the Bikini category we can’t forget the great importance of a good posing, and we must insist on it and work on it with the same constancy and perseverance as any other part of our body.

However, this post’s greatest importance is to clarify all the doubts that have arisen, for the majority of the Bikinis, since we have different federations.

I think it’s very important to know the differences between IFBB Elite and IFBB Pro League or NPC when it comes to posing.

I have seen, in more than one competition, how Bikini beginners have struggled on stage because they didn’t know the different regulatory poses and that can certainly change your final score and your position, as well. It can make you rank or not rank, make it to the podium or not.

Not knowing the different regulatory poses can totally change your final score.

Without any doubt, not taking care of your posing – which definitely is your tool to show all your physical work – is a huge shame.

After all your work and effort, not knowing how to pose correctly and according to the rules of the competition can really harm you.


I’m going to start by talking about how to do the bikini fitness poses for the IFBB Elite.

In this federation, we have 4 mandatory poses, which will always go clockwise. Therefore, we will always turn to our right as we change poses.

4 mandatory poses, which will always go clockwise.

Photographer: Uriel

Front Pose:

In this case we have to face the judges completely, making an “X” with our body, and to do this what we should do is open our legs (without being exaggerated).

We will fully expand our dorsal, grabbing our waist with one hand (at the height of our belly button) and the other will be relaxed, but separated from our body.

We’ll subtly drop our weight onto one of our legs.


We have two sides, the left one is the first one we will show and the right one will be the 4th pose (it goes after “back to the judges”).

But in both cases, side poses should be done in the same way.

Here, as its name suggests, we will show our side boy and to do this we will completely show our lower body from the side:

We will elevate our buttocks by putting our foot on tiptoe. And, we will lean our knee (from the leg that we are showing to the judges) inwards against the one that is hidden.

And the one that remains hidden will remain totally stretched.

We have to turn our torso so that it faces forward.

At the same time, we place our arm and hand (from the side that we are showing the judges) in a relaxed and clear way from our body. We must open and show our dorsal, to get a good and beautiful “V”.

The other hand (the one on the back) will be placed on our belly button.

Back pose:

The first thing we should do as we get into position is clear our back, removing our hair from it.

Upper body: we will expand our dorsal area to its maximum, leaving our torso totally straight and showing our back shoulder. One hand will be held at the waist and the other will be relaxed and away from our body.

The legs are open and the hip is slightly tilted to the side, letting all the weight fall on one side. The buttocks should never squeeze.

▷ IFBB Pro League o NPC:

Now that you know how to pose for the IFBB Elite, I’ll tell you about the IFBB Pro League or NPC poses. So that you know how to pose for IFBB Pro League or NPC.

I’m currently competing in this federation and because of that I had to adapt my way of posing and my whole performance on stage, don’t be afraid to change your staging. If you practice, you will feel very comfortable with each pose.

In this federation we only have 2 mandatory poses, which could make you think that there is no mystery about it.

Trust me, that’s what I thought. Nevertheless, there are only 2 possibilities to be able to fully show all of your potential and present your work to the fullest.

Photographer: DoMotus Pro

Front pose:

In this case, we will try to show a big V and for that we will need to do a semi-side, turning our hips to its maximum. Showing our buttocks, femur and all our lower body on the side.

The arm on that side will be relaxed while we show our dorsal and shoulder, and our other arm will place its hand so that the fingers rest on our abdomen at the belly button level.

This is when the torso – unlike our lower body – has to make a turn to show itself almost straight forward, so we can show the big V that judges look for so much in a bikini.

Photographer: DoMotus Pro

Back Pose:

This is when we totally turn around and show our posterior.

Unlike at the IFBB Elite, we don’t have to remove our hair, on the contrary we have to let it fall on our back. In this way, we place more importance to the insertion of the gluteus-femoral (one of the most important aspects when evaluating a bikini in the IFBB Pro League or NPC).

In this pose we must also emphasize the importance of the back shoulder and with it the great V once again.

In order to make the most of our work, we will place our palms on our thighs, in its highest part and keeping our upper body practically straight.

We will do a hip tilt, as if we were doing a dead weight, to be able to show the whole femoral, without ever squeezing or compressing our buttocks, we will only show our femoral.

Well, so up to here we have talked about all the ways of posing in the two main federations and their differences. Remember:

IFBB Elite has 4 positions: Front, left side, back and right side.

IFBB Pro League o NPC has 2 positions: Front and back.


The best advice you can give to practice posing for a Bikini Fitness competition is to practice a lot. How many series have you done to get those dorsal muscles? Well, you have to practice almost as many times to show it properly.

Another tip is to record yourself while practicing. Tape yourself with your cell phone, place it in a stable position and tape yourself.

And, of course, you have to watch all the recordings later, be your own judge.

Find your mistakes and errors and correct them. Don’t give up.

My third piece of advice, spend at least 15-20 minutes a day on it. How? By including posing practice in your workout routine.

Remember that it’s a very important part of your performance on stage.

And, of course, attend seminars. Watch other girls, talk to them and share your difficulties with your fellow students.  They will be able to give you tips and tricks, and there they will help you correct your posture, too. Maybe we will see each other at one of them! 😉

And remember that between poses there are transitions, which are very, very important too. If you want me to do another post specifically about transitions, don’t forget to leave a comment asking for it.

You have to work hard at posing every day, by posing and posing!

Jessica Serrano
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