In a Bikini Fitness competition one of the most important elements to look after is obviously the bikini that you are going to look on the stage.

Choosing the right bikini is critical to highlight the best of your physique, and make you stand out among the other competitors, you should look after every detail of your suit: From the rules of the federation in which you will compete to the colour of your skin and your hair.

So many details that can determine the final result of your preparation work are often a source of great stress for Bikini competitors of all levels.

To help you choose the bikini that you will look and make your life a little easier, we prepare a guide with basic aspects that you must look after when embarking on the task of finding the right bikini for you:

1. First of all, we present the rules that you can find in the regulations of the IFBB Federation, and they come to be the following:

  • The bikini will be two-piece in style of any colour and pattern.
  • Moderate use of crystal rhinestones and other additions is allowed.
  • The bikini bottom will have a V shape and it must cover a minimum of 1/3 of the gluteus. Strings are strictly prohibited.
  • The two pieces of the bikini do not have to exceed the limits of good taste; too small elements will be cancelled to compete.
    Be sure to review all this information in detail!

¡Asegúrate bien de revisar toda esta información en detalle!

2. Once you learn what features should have your bikini, consider your physical attributes you want to highlight and hide those who want to focus your attention on bikinis flattering cut for you. In the case of Bikini girls, it’s very important to check the lower part of the suit, since the shape of the buttocks is very judged by the judges and a cut that does not favour you much changes the way they are See the gluteal muscles.

3. The colour you choose should go to match with your skin tone and hair. Although the skin tones of the girls are very similar, the final tone will depend on the product that uses each one. So, this will be the colour that you must consider to the time to select the colour of your bikini, it’s recommended that you do a tan test, especially if it is your first competition and you have never darkened your skin artificially. 
Regarding your hair, if you are blonde, colours like fuchsia, red, coral or turquoise are the best; Instead, if you are brunette, the colour of your bikini can be among the darker shades of the range of red, blue king, or violet tones. Finally, if you’re a dark-skinned girl, you’ll be able to stand out with vibrant shades of red, pink or coral.

4. Look for models with crystals. A Bikini Fitness competition is about showing your physique with glamor and the brilliance of the crystals are key when impacting the judges from the moment you step on the stage.

Choosing your ideal bikini is a delicate task, almost like looking for your wedding dress. Take enough time to try on as many models as you need to find the one who helps you succeed on stage.

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