The feet are our support, and in particular, women feet are synonym of sensuality and temptation for many. Did you know that a woman walks on average the equivalent of four rounds to the world throughout her life? Just to make such a feat possible, our feet deserve daily pampering that can keep them soft, healthy and always sexy.

Taking care of your feet becomes even more important for you, Bikini Girl, since this part of the body suffers more because of the impact of your sessions at the gym, especially when you do cardio in the definition stage.

In this opportunity, we bring you some simple but very effective tips to have feet worthy of a goddess to show on and off the stage:

Exfoliation with pumice:

We are sure you have some pumice stone picking up dust in some corner of your bathroom so, why not give it a go once and for all?

To use it correctly, first clean your feet by soaking them in warm water with neutral pH soap (Put an aromatic oil on them to feel at a spa!).

Then, with your feet still soapy and with the pumice stone moistened, pass it with gentle circular movements around the areas of your feet where you have roughness.

Finish the exfoliation with moisturizing cream. If you do this at least once a week, you will have soft feet like a baby’s all the time.

Spoil them with massage:

If your feet take you everywhere during your day, they deserve a simple massage. You do not have to be an expert masseur: take your foot and put a gentle pressure on the sole with your thumbs, make circular movements and walk all your foot (without forgetting the fingers), stopping in areas where you feel more tension.

Accompany your massage with a moisturizing cream or an oil like jojoba to finish with silky and relaxed feet. It’s recommended that you massage your feet every night, but with a minimum of 3 times a week you will notice the difference.

Toe nails in white:

A neat nail is the final touch for goddess feet. Best of all, you don’t have to go to a pedicurist, you can make your own homemade pedicure in a short time:

  •  You will need: A bucket with water and soap, a towel, nail clippers, lime, nail polish, finger separator, an orange stick, nail polish remover, pumice stone, moisturizing cream or oil and clear enamel. Colored nail polish is optional.
  • 1. Remove remaining nail polish with the nail polish remover, then soak and exfoliate your feet with pumice stone.
  • 2. Cut and file your nails with a square shape following the natural line of the fingers, this way to prevent them from becoming incarnated.
  • 3. With the orange stick push your cuticles down and remove the excessive skin and cut cuticles. Don’t cut too much to prevent them from bleeding or becoming infected.
  • 4. Polish your nails with the polisher to leave a smooth surface to have a better appliance of the nail polish.
  • 5. Dry your feet and apply nail polish: if you only use clear nail polish, a single layer will be enough. If you want to color your feet, let the first layer of clear nail polish dry, apply color and wait for it to dry again. Finish with an extra layer of gloss that highlights the color.
  • 6. Moist your fee, and done! You already have your feet cute and ready to show off with your MUSSA on stage or in your day to day.

We want to know how you keep your goddess feet. Leave us your secrets in the comments section!

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