The goal of Bikini Fitness shoes is to highlight your physique by showing off your longer and more turned legs, help you stand up more upright and elegant, as well as give you the comfort you need to walk the stage with confidence and perform your poses fluently.

But… it is okay for me to wear any shoe? Which are the regulatory shoes to compete?

The world of bodybuilding competitions is full of regulations that, if you are a beginner girl can be cause for stress, and not for less: not complying can be a reason for disqualification and all your work of preparation can go the distance.

As we do not want any of our “Mussas” to be in such an unpleasant situation, we present the rules currently governing the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) since 2012 on the footwear that competitors of Bikini and Body Fitness can be seen in any competition of this federation:

  • The sole must have a maximum height of 1 cm from the tread area.
  • The maximum height allowed of the heel is of 12 cm.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use platforms. 

  • The color and style is up to the competitor; However, it is recommended to wear transparent shoes, which do not distract the judges of your physique.

With our “Mussa” shoes you can be totally confident, since all our models comply strictly with the regulation of the IFBB applied to the categories of Bikini and Body Fitness, we create shoes designed to make your physique stand out, so all our models are transparent and with moderate rhinestones that will not distract the judges of what matters most on stage: You!

Just as in the case of footwear, there is another series of very important regulations that you need to know to not leave anything to chance and to be able to go easy to compete. You can check the regulations for Bikini and Body Fitness in this link IFBB.

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