In the Bikini Fitness competitions, your physique is the key to everything.

But your appearance on stage plays a major role in the judges’ final score.

We’ re talking about the bikini, the skin dye, your hair and makeup… And of course, your competition shoes.

You sure you’re not willing to throw away all those months of work over a pair of cheap shoes, right?

It can happen, if you don’t value them enough. Let’s check it out.

The importance of footwear in the Bikini Fitness competition

Think about it; your feet are the foundation of all your stage presence. If you don’t walk gracefully and decisively, your staging will be affected.

With the right Bikini Fitness shoes:

  • Your legs look longer and shapelier, and your physique stands out.
  • You will stand up straighter and more elegant, showing off your body completely.
  • You will be comfortable to walk the stage with confidence.
  • You will pose smoothly and naturally.

This is why it is very important not to choose just any shoe; making mistakes with your competition shoes can ruin all your work. They can even lead to disqualification.

We explain this in detail below.

Each federation has its own regulations on Bikini Fitness footwear

The bodybuilding competition world is full of rules.

If you’re new to competition, it can be very stressful, and it’s no wonder. As we said, not complying with your federation’s rules can lead to disqualification from a competition.

All your preparation work over months can go to waste!

We don’t want any of our Mussas to find themselves in such an unpleasant situation, which is why every model in our Bikini Fitness competition shoe catalog specifies which federation they are valid for.

In this article we will focus on the International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness (IFBB) standards. But if you compete in any other Federation, you should consult their specific regulations. Here are the main existing federations in Europe:

consult their specific regulations. Here are the main existing federations in Europe:

NOTE: You should know where you intend to compete before buying your shoes and bikini. Also, depending on which federation you choose, the way you pose will also change.

What do the Bikini Fitness shoes admitted by the IFBB look like

Let’s go over the details of the IFBB competition shoes rules (you can check their complete Bikini and Body Fitness regulations in this link).

  • The sole must have a maximum height of 1 cm from the footprint.
  • The maximum heel height allowed is 12 cm.
  • The use of platforms shoes is strictly forbidden.
  • The color and style are the competitor’s decision; however, they recommend wearing transparent shoes that will not distract the judges from your physique.

With our Mussa shoes you can be completely confident, since all the models presented below strictly comply with the IFBB regulations for the Bikini, Wellness and Body Fitness categories.

We designed our footwear to make your physique stand out.

That’s why all of our models are transparent and have moderate rhinestones that won’t distract the judges from what matters most on stage: you!

Have you already chosen your Bikini Fitness shoes to compete at IFBB?

Bearing in mind the importance of footwear and without losing sight of the Federation’s standard, all you have to do now is choose the model that fits you best.

If you still have doubts regarding the preparation to compete in Bikini Fitness, download our free guide, where we tell you in detail how to prepare yourself.

We hope to see you on stage soon!

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