When you go from your passion for fitness to deciding on competing in one of the women’s bodybuilding categories, such as the Bikini Fitness category, you feel motivated and excited and you prepare for it.

Preparation can take a year or more, so you need to be disciplined and consistent in your training and diet to achieve the best version of yourself.

You start with a lot of energy and positive thinking because you’re going all out and you want to make the best of it.

Whether it is your first competition or you have competed before, the stress and nervousness increase as the date of an event approaches.

Nervousness is inevitable.

In the Bikini Fitness category, the athletes’ registration can be one of the most critical moments for many competitors, especially first timers.

This is the moment when all girls are measured and weighed to determine their size and given their bib number to be identified by the judges during the competition.

The athlete’s registration is the moment when you see your future opponents, and depending on the competition and the number of participants, it can be a long wait during which it is normal to feel fears and doubts.

Depending on when the event takes place, whether it’s the day before or the morning of the day of the event, it’s a bit of a chaotic time when all the girls have to show their ID and federation card as well as the outfit they’ll be wearing on stage: bikini, shoes and all the accessories.

Every federation and competition have its rules. Violation of any of the rules may result in disqualification, so it’ s very important to inform yourself beforehand and make sure that, apart from your physical condition, your clothing follows the rules.

Regarding footwear, our Mussa flat models follow the current IFBB regulations, not exceeding the centimeter of the sole and 12cm of heel height. Therefore, our shoes are regulatory and have the correct measurements for use in women’s bodybuilding competitions.

Once the participants are validated and registered in their category, the competitors receive their numbers and the only thing left for them to do is to go on stage and perform at their very best.

“Most bikini fitness athletes describe the athletes’ registrations as one of the most stressful moments in competitions.”

Through these 5 tips we want to help you make the athletes’ registration a more peaceful and bearable moment for you.

#1 Planning

In order to low your nervousness at the moment of the athletes’ registration, it is very recommended planning the competition properly. To do so, it is helpful to make a list of everything you need to have ready for the competition’s day: face make-up, shoes, bikini, nails, accessories…

To help you make the list check out our post «Essential elements for your competition day»


#2 Positive mindset

Despite the fact that the athletes’ registration is a critical moment, if you have a positive mentality, thinking that the hardest work has already been done and that you will do your best, you are likely to be more relaxed and truly enjoy the event.

Whatever you do, stop thinking about the results, you’re going to do your best and being there is already an achievement.


#3 Self-confidence

Even if you already are in the competition and you have been preparing yourself thoroughly, the mind sometimes plays tricks on us and you may start to think that you could have “done more”, that you look worse than you are and you start feeling regular.

It is no longer time to look back, instead you should feel proud of your evolution and the moment you have reached.

Try to get to the competition day with self-confidence, avoid comparing yourself and if you do, do it with your own, keeping in mind what you have achieved up to this point.

Remember that you can only control your progress, not the results.


#4 Emotions

Although few people talk about it, competitions have a high emotional impact: you will be criticized about your body and only judged on your physical attributes.

The athletes’ registration is the first moment of the competition in which you will be evaluated.

It’s normal that during the days leading up to a competition, you get a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s easy to get discouraged and focus on the negative.

On the day of the competition and especially during the athletes’ registration, you will have to make an extra effort to stay positive. 


#5 Accessory recommendations

Satin robe

When the athletes’ registration takes place on the competition day, and you already have your make-up and your bikini on, the most comfortable thing to do is to wear a satin robe, since this will not spoil your make-up or damage your bikini stones.

Two pairs of shoes and an extra bikini.

Nothing ever happens, but you can’t be unprepared if it happens. It is advisable to have two pairs of shoes and an extra bikini during the athletes’ registration process or before competing, so that you have the possibility to change them in case of any inconvenience.

Mussa provides a cloth bag with every pair of shoes, which comes in handy! It will allow you to take them out easily in order to show them to the judges and keep them protected while you are not wearing them.

Make-up and hairstyle

We recommend being prepared and having your make-up and hairstyle ready, if the athletes’ registration is just before the competition. And if the wait is long, it’s better to be ready so that you only need to do some touch-ups.

In general, once your turn comes, the athletes’ registration process is fast and if there is no problem with the bikini or shoes, you will be given the ok and registered in just a few minutes. Afterwards, you can relax and wait for your turn to come on stage.


If you do follow these guidelines, you won’t have problems at any of the athletes’ registration you attend and you’ll be able to handle the wait with ease and make the competition an exciting and rewarding experience.

If you have already competed, we would love to know what suggestions you have to make to get through the athletes’ registration.

Do you have any anecdotes about this often very delicate moment?