Preparing for a Bikini Fitness or Body Fitness competition is exhausting and very stressful; the days leading up to it are often very hard.

  • You are tired of dieting: which in the days before the competition is more demanding.
  • Carbohydrates in your body are at their minimum: they are the body’s main source of energy and their absence affects your mood.
  • You’re working out hard: to get on stage in your best shape.
  • You have to wake up early: you need to finalize all the details before you leave and face the athletes’ registration.

That’ s a lot going on in your head!

If you’re in that week when your diet has become extreme and you can barely think, don’t worry.

In MUSSA we have elaborated for you a list of the essential elements you must take with you to your competition.

We’ll get to it in detail shortly, but first, let’s talk about your emotions.

💆‍♀️ How to physically and mentally prepare before the competition

Participating in a Bikini Fitness competition is very satisfying, but it can also be very hard, and not just on a physical level.

The first thing you should evaluate before deciding to participate is not just how your body is doing, but above all your emotional state.

Because in a competition your appearance is evaluated and you have to be prepared to receive criticism on yourself.

Besides, if it’s your first time on stage, it’s normal that you don’t make it to first place, even if you’ve worked hard. You should also prepare yourself so that you don’t get disappointed.

The secret is to enjoy the whole process and feel proud of having reached the competition, because giving the demanded level that is already a success.

Finally, keep in mind that after participating in a competition, you will no longer be an anonymous person. Your bikini photos will appear in Google searches under your name. You need to be willing to deal with this loss of anonymity.

If you feel you’re ready at every level, let’s go with all you should have for your first Bikini Fitness competition.

📝 Check-list of everything you need to bring with you for your first competition

We want to help you be as calm as possible before the competition, so we have detailed all the elements that we consider essential.

📃 Personal and competition documentation

These documents are indispensable, because without them you will not be able to participate in the Bikini Fitness competition.

✔️ Your identity card or your passport.
✔️ Your federation card.
✔️ Your competition registration receipt.
✔️ Your backstage passes.
✔️ Your plane or train tickets or the card from the hotel where you are staying.

Personal documents must be presented when you are requested for the athletes’ registration.

👙 Competition apparel

All the elements you will use in the Bikini Fitness competition are presented to the judges during the athletes’ registration as well.

It is fundamental that you don’t forget anything and that you are cautious: you may want to present two of each, because what the judges have not seen at the athletes’ registration, you will not be allowed to use in the competition.

To help you understand the importance: if your competition bikini breaks for any reason and you haven’t brought a second bikini to the athletes’ registration, you’ll have to deal with the broken one, no matter what.

Doesn’t sound good, does it?

By the way, if this is the first time you are facing the pre-competition athletes’ registration, you will find it very useful to read this article: 5 essential tips on the athletes’ registration for the Bikini Fitness category.

Now that you know what that moment looks like, let’s move on to the list:

✔️ Your main bikini.
✔️ A backup bikini.
✔️ Your main shoes: make sure they’re approved by your federation.
✔️ A spare pair of shoes.

And in order to be prepared for emergencies:

✔️ Basic sewing kit, with safety pin or scissors for emergency repairs.
✔️ Hot glue or similar, in case you need to repair any detail on the bikini or the accessories.


Kit de Costura

Sewing kit

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Sewing box

Sewing box

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HotFix applicator

HotFix applicator

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Some extras you can add:

✔️ Anti-slip insoles for your shoes.
✔️ Extra connectors for bikinis.
✔️ Nipple cups.

Silicone Insoles

Silicone Insoles

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Reusable liners

Reusable liners

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Still not sure which bikini or shoes to choose for your competition?

Don’t worry about it, we’ll give you a hand with this. Here’s an article on how to choose the perfect bikini and in this other one we explain  which are the Bikini Fitness regulation shoes required by the IFBB.

Now that we have cleared up the dressing room, let’s get on with the rest of the essentials for your big day.

💎 Accessories

The accessories are the details that complete your image for the Bikini Fitness competition and helps you look perfect in your big moment.

Take notes:

✔️ Long earrings.
✔️ Bracelets.
✔️ Rings.
✔️ Some hair decoration.

Remember that shining on stage is the objective, but with an elegant and striking final image. So, go for the stones and the sparkles, but make sure the whole thing looks harmonious.

💅 Your appearance

We are now talking about your body; beyond the physical work you have done in the previous months.

After you have packed your bikinis, shoes and accessories, you should not forget all the things you will need to get your face and skin done.

We mean the dye, the makeup and everything else you need for your hair.

In case you need to know more about how to correctly apply the competition dye, here is an article where it is explained step by step.

Among other things, we suggest having the last layer applied on the morning of the Bikini Fitness competition, and you will probably need to do some touch-ups.

So, add these to the list:

✔️ Dye and rollers or sponges to apply it (and latex gloves).
✔️ Beauty bag with all your makeup, sticks, wipes…
✔️ Hairdressing kit (add a mirror, plus hairspray and mousse)
✔️ Manicure set.
✔️ Hair iron we love this one [see].


Jan Tana

Jan Tana

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Makeup kit

Makeup kit

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Makeup bag

Makeup bag

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Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

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Remember that from the time you get ready until you receive the call to go on stage, several hours can go by and you need to go out on stage looking perfect.

A tip: don’t forget to put on the glossy gel (for body glitter) minutes before the call to action, so that you’ll be impeccable when you’re on stage.

🤳 Other details that can help you before the competition

You already have the basics and essentials ready to be able to compete, but because of the experience of many competitions on top of that, we are going to suggest adding to your list a series of add-ons that you will appreciate.

🔲 Elastic bands and mats

As you wait for the call to come on stage, you will see many girls working out with  elastic bands to pump blood into their muscles

It’s a great idea, since in that way you’ll come out with your body looking 100%.

If you also take a mat with you, you can lie down with your feet up and prevent your legs from getting swollen.

🔲 Flip-flop sandals and robe

You will only use your MUSSA shoes to pose on stage, and that time frame is short.

While you wait for your call and results, wear your robe along with a comfortable flip-flop and relax.

🔲 Water and snacks

After a long day of competition, you’ll need to have some food in your stomach.

A good idea is to add protein bars, but check with your trainer what food or snacks you can eat, as it really depends on each competitor’s body.

Water preferably without sodium, to avoid swelling.

🔲 Photo camera

Every competition is unique, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t forget to capture every moment from your hard work. You can also manage with your mobile phone if it has a good camera.

🔲 Hygiene products and medicines

The nerves of a Bikini Fitness competition can play tricks on your body, so it’s better to be prepared.

Don’t forget to include tampons or your menstrual cup, as well as a generic medication in case you experience any unexpected pain.

🔲 Post-competition clothing

Our advice is to pack sweatpants and sneakers that you can be comfortable with when it’s all over.

Reebok Mat

Reebok Mat

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Elastic bands

Elastic bands

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Flat sandals

Flat sandals

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💼 Are you clear about what you need to pack before your Bikini Fitness competition?

These are the basics that must be with you on your big day.

If you feel you will need something else, don’t hesitate in adding it to the list: it is better to have something and don’t need it, than to need it and don’t have it

Having an emergency and not being able to resolve it because you forgot to pack something can greatly affect your performance and concentration.

Last but not least: have fun and enjoy every moment, because reaching the demanded level is already a success!!

Use this opportunity to make new friends in the industry, new contacts, and live every moment to the fullest…

And shine like the goddess you are!

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