Preparing for a competition of Bikini Fitness or Body Fitness is strenuous and stressful… Specially when you don’t have any carbohydrates in your organism, you’re tired from the diet and the training, and have to rise early to finish all the details before you go and face the weighing. There are a lot of thing passing through your head!

If you are in that previous day in which your diet has become extreme and can nearly have a though, don’t worry, from MUSSA we have made for you a list of the essentials elements that you must have with you for your competition:

  • Identity card and federation license: It is of vital importance to present these documents the day of the weighing, without these direct documents you will not be able to participate in your great day, so, DON’T FORGET THEM! it is also recommendable to have a pen.
  • Bikini and Shoes: They must be presented to the jury at the weighing, any element that hasn’t been shown then will not be permitted for use during the competition. Better safe than sorry, have a replacement, in other words, 2 bikinis, with its respective connector, and 2 pairs of shoes, that can save your life are worth to consider. If you have a doubt of the requirements that must be met, consult our article “choose the bikini” and “reglementary shoes IFBB”
  • Accessories and complements: Such as pendants and wristbands will culminate the rest of our garment and will put the cherry on the cake to be perfect in our moment.
  • Dye, glossy and rolls: Assuming that you know that the first thing that you should pack is your bikini, your shoes, and accessories that you will show the next thing in order of importance would be our products that we use for the dye for our skin, that despite that you should have already applied this very morning, sure we will need a touch up. Also, remember to apply you the glossy gel minutes before the call to action.
  • A hair and makeup retouching kit: Indispensable, since while you wait for the call to get up to the stage can pass many hours. Don’t forget the mirror!
  • Elastic bands and mat: Previous to the call you will see many girls exercising with these bands to pump the blood to their muscles. You will also provide of a mat to lie down with your feet up and avoid that your feet swell.
  • A sewing Kit: We hope that you don’t have to use it; but for any case, bring it with you with a needle, thread, and glue to repair any damage in your bikini
  • Flip-flops and coat: You will only use your MUSSA to stand up on the stage, and that time lapse is short. While you wait for the call and results, use your coat with your comfortable flip-flops and relax.
  • Snacks y agua: After a long day of competition you will need to have some food for your stomach, consult with your trainer which food and snacks you can eat since it depends on a lot of the organisms of every competitor. The water is preferred without sodium, to avoid swelling.
  • Companion: You won’t literally bring it in your pack, but try to come to the event with a friend, family or couple. In this case of any eventuality, to count with the support of someone it is priceless and will need help for retouching the dye in case it is necessary.
  • Camera: Each competition is an unique moment, especially if it is the first time. Don’t forget to save any moment the fruit of a lot of work.

These are basic elements that must be with you in your day. If you consider that you need something else, don’t doubt and put it on the list: it’s better to have something that you don’t need, that need it and not having it. To have a problem and not be able to solve it because you forgot to pack it can affect a lot to your performance.

Last but not least: Enjoy! Take advantage to make new friends in the industry, new contacts…Live each moment to its fullest. Shine like the goodness that you are!

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