If you are going to participate in your first Bikini Fitness competition or you are already a competitor but it is the first time that you are going to wear Mussa shoes, it’s important that you know this…

Our shoes are small shape.

When you are in the previous phase of competition where the diet becomes more intense and you are in dehydration period, your whole body loses weight and that means that your feet will too.

That is the reason why our shoes are narrow, we do not like that the are too big or that the fingers come out at the time of competition.

Never choose one size less.

If your feet are wide or you have a lot of instep, it is probably and common to use a size more than what is usually yours.

To give you a clear idea of which size is ideal, we have prepared an equivalency table, so you just have to measure your foot to check the length

To measure your foot is simple, you just need a white sheet, a pencil and a rule of centimeters:

1. Stand your foot on a wall with the sheet below. This step is very important, the heel of the foot should touch the wall.
2. With the pencil firmly mark the place where the tip of your foot comes (usually the big toe).
3. Take the rule and measure the distance between your heel and the first mark you made.
4. By last, compare measurements with our size chart.


It would be ideal if you measure both feet since we usually have one bigger than the other.

It’s very important to consider the width of your feet, if it’s wide or you are between two sizes, always decide for the biggest size.

Another thing that differentiates the Bikini Fitness sandals from regular footwear is the material of manufacture, as they are made with vinyl, it’s harder to put it on.

The vinyl that doesn’t yield easily as could be the leather material in shoes and it stick on the foot too when you try it.

The solution is to put on some pantyhose or stockings before trying on your Mussa.

¿How to know if you got it right?

You’ll know that the Mussa sandals are of your size when your heel doesn’t project, even if you feel them a little tight when you already worn them.

You can get more information in our post  “Your Mussa, are they very tight?”

To flaunt an appropriate footwear contributes in a decisive way to highlight that sculptural physique that you’ve done shaping with all that effort of training, diet, supplementation and relaxation.

Take your time to choose your ideal model that will grant you a posing show, which will impact the judges!