The Bikini Fitness footwear that follow with the regulation of IFBB are tight, and MUSSA’s aren’t the exception. This is something you must keep in mind, especially if it is the first time you compete and you have doubts about the footwear you’ll be wearing the competition’s day.

As we explain, in this post “Competition shoes, what is my size?”, only when your heel doesn’t project can mean that is your size, even though they are a little tight.

Don’t be alarmed if your sandals are tight the first time you use them, since your body at that moment will not be the same as you have on the day of the contest, You have to keep in mind that a week before your competition you are going to remove liquids and carbohydrates from your diet, in order to show off your muscles to the maximum definition. This drastic reduction is going to cause you to lose weight in every part of your body, including your feet, so if they are a little tight when you are testing them, at the contest you’ll feel that your sandals fits perfectly.

medida correcta mussa

As we know that you have to practice your posing with the sandals you’re going to use at the special day, so for you to be like a goddess in the fashion show, we tell you how to adapt your MUSSA to your feet so they’ll fit you as a glove:

  • Are your feet thick? The wide feet girls can feel discomfort because of the adjusted vinyl vamp around the foot. In this case, you should warm the vamp with a hair dryer to remove the stiffness, only few seconds are enough, then with the warm vamp wear them and walk around, but be careful not to burn: with this trick you’ll make it take the shape of your foot. Repeat this until you feel comfortable with your MUSSA.
  • If you have warmed the vinyl vamp too much times and you still feeling uncomfortable, you can go one step ahead and warm the vamp, and using thick socks wear them. You can heat a little more when you are using socks without burning yourself, helping to shape easier for your foot. Once you’d put your Mussa on wait for them to cool down, in this case isn’t necessary to walk around with them.

ensanchando zapatos mussa con calcetines

  • If you have failed to shape them with the thick socks too because they are still tight, you can try to take them to a cobbler to widen them. We don’t recommend this method until it is an extreme case because of the delicacy of the sandals.

It’s really important to be comfortable with the sandals you’ll be using in your competition, because it’s really easy to notice a Bikini girl that doesn’t move with comfort, and you can loss points with that. The best advice we can give you is that you buy them with time and makes the shaping of your MUSSA calmly so you can adapt them to your feet and wear them while you are practicing the posing so you will walk with ease, and triumph in the stage!

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