The posse, or posing, is the key in a bikini competition, it could mean your victory in the contest or it could make you not even reach the Top 5, pulling away the months of preparation and effort. It is therefore, you must dedicate as much time as you do with your workout in the gym, because in the bikini category the judges make special emphasis in your ease and sympathy in the stage, then rehearsing your posse is the key, so that when the time comes in the stage your presence will captivate the judges.

One of the main mistakes a just started athlete in the world of competitive bodybuilding is to dismiss your routine of posing, believing that you only need to have a spectacular physique to win you may choose to practice your posing a few days before competition. If you do not practice your poses, your physique will become detracted and you will pass under the table of the judges, and that is the last thing every athlete want. Do you have a spectacular body? Perfect, flaunt as it should be with a smooth posing routine that makes you to stand out from the others competitors that already have incredible bodies as you.

We already emphasized the importance of posing in the Bikini competition, here we introduce a guide with basic guidelines that may be a lot of help to you at the posing rehearsal time:

Every detail counts!

  • A bikini competition it’s about showing the full package: physique, make up, hairstyle, wardrobe, footwear and, above all, a lot of attitude that make you stand out from the others. A lot of times the champions aren’t the ones with the best physique, but those that know how to show up to the judges, highlighting their strengths and reducing the weak points. Look at your physique and decide which ones are the best attributes you have and take advantage of them with specific poses, every pose is different and will highlight a different attribute.
  • Walking with heels isn’t easy, and walking with an adjusted competition sandals is worse. Practice your poses and transitions with the heels that you’ve chosen for that day, so you can get accustomed to walk with them with ease. Its recommendable to let the plastic protector that comes with in the box, so it can be at the best conditions for the competition.
  • If you have the opportunity to practice with help of a professional Bikini girl, do not let it pass and ask her to fix your postures and ask for advices about how to get the most out of the stage, also what to expect from the judges.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to get assistance of a professional, you can look at the internet where you can find a lot of information and advices from experimented competitors: videos and articles (Like this!) which one you can guide yourself to make a posing routine.
  • Tape yourself while you are practicing your posing so you can look at the details you can polish, that otherwise you could not know.
  • Your exit to the stage must be natural and elegant, always with the head up and a big smile: introduce yourself to the judges as a positive attitude girl, with confidence, sexy and above all, proud of your achievements.

Bikini Fitness it’s a demanding sport where every detail, however insignificant it may seem, is decisive. Do not leave anything to chance and practice your posing to dominate all the competitions in which you chose to participate.

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