More and more women are practicing bodybuilding, either as a lifestyle, to stay in shape, or to prepare themselves professionally to participate in many competitions that exist.

In countries such as the United Kingdom, the number of competitors is more than double every year and there is also a significant increase in participants worldwide. This is mainly thanks to the Bikini Fitness.

If you are interested in competing in this sport, you are a beginner in the Bikini Fitness practice or you are simply curious about this sport, keep reading because we are going to explain what is Bikini Fitness and what is evaluated in this growing sport.

👙 What is Bikini Fitness?

Bikini Fitness is a professional category of bodybuilding that was approved by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) on November 7, 2010 in Azerbaijan.

The administrative and technical rules governing this discipline were established at that time, although it has experienced some small changes since then. It was not introduced into the competitions until 2011.

Bikini Fitness is basically aimed at women who keep their body in shape and maintain a healthy diet.  It takes into consideration the general lines of the body, the balance and proportions, the toning and the healthy appearance.

To help you understand it better, hold on to this idea:

In Bikini Fitness you have to work on your body, but it is fundamental that the femininity of the athlete stands out.

Because this category focuses less on bodybuilding than others (such as Body Fitness and Women Physique) and more on achieving pleasing, proportionate, healthy-looking physiques.

That’s why it’s a discipline that attracts many women who:

  • Work out in the gym intensely.
  • Follow a feeding plan.
  • Want to get to compete without overdeveloping their physique.

In fact, this also makes it easier for an athlete to start competing without as much training time as other disciplines.

And, of course, it attracts a lot of people to the competitions as well.

But do not be fooled: it is sport and it is competition; this implies effort and sacrifice, because here nobody is giving anything away.

🔢 Which are the categories of Bikini Fitness

Bikini Fitness began with a single class, but due to the high popularity it reached, it was necessary to expand the categories according to the age of the participants.

Within each category there are different groups, depending on the height of the athletes.

Therefore, the currently categories are:

➡️ Bikini Fitness Junior

For athletes aged 18 to 22 (or 23 if at the beginning of the year you were 22). This category is only one sized.

➡️ Bikini Fitness Senior

The competitors are from 23 to 35 years old. The sizes in this category are:

  • Low (up to 1,58 m).
  • Middle (up to 1,63 m).
  • Middle-high (up to 1,69 m).
  • High (over 1,69 m).

➡️ Bikini Fitness Master

For athletes over 35 years old. There are only two sizes:

  • Low (up to 1,63 m).
  • Middle (over 1,63 m).

As you can see, neither age nor height is an impediment to compete in Bikini Fitness, and it’s available to any woman who desires to do so.

🏆 What is valued in Bikini Fitness competitions

If you are thinking of competing, you need to know what is evaluated in Bikini Fitness in order to prepare yourself properly and succeed in the competitions.

There are quite a few differences of opinion and many interpretations of what judges actually evaluate in a Bikini Fitness competition.

In fact, according to several people involved in this world (and with enough experience to know what they are talking about) the assessments can be quite subjective.

We’re going to stick to the main ideas of these professionals.

➡️ Each federation is slightly different

Michelle Brannan has more than 500 podiums in international competitions and founded Showgirl Fitness, where she trains Bikini athletes from several countries along with her team.

Michelle says that “fitness is a subjective sport, so you need to find out what is expected from you in terms of appearance and presentation, as each federation is slightly different”
Therefore, although we know that every participant must have a well-trained physique, healthy appearance and an attraction like models, it is also necessary for you to know that the outcome of a competition is a set of factors such as:

  • Charisma.
  • Personality.
  • Presence.
  • Image.
  • Physique.

And we didn’t leave the physique at the end by accident…

Yes, the person’s physique is important, but if you don’t know how to take advantage of it on the stage, it doesn’t really matter if you have the best body. Check out our article  5 mistakes to avoid on stage.

➡️ The athletes’ presentation is crucial

According to Juan Bautista Morales at

“The athletes’ presentation is crucial. The best physique will not always win, like in bodybuilding”. 

We already anticipated that in the Bikini Fitness competitions they take into account:

  • how the athlete presents herself, 
  • her sympathy,
  • how she moves,
  • how she communicates.

“Furthermore, as in this modality there is no need for a high degree of muscle development and definition, it depends quite a lot on genetics and by this we mean having long extremities, thin bones… All in all, the two things to bear in mind in a Bikini Fitness competition are the athlete’s presentation and genetics.”

The truth is that sometimes the judges’ criteria varies, but in general, they are looking for a proportionate woman, with a worked-out physique, but not overly muscular.  They look for defined muscles without separation or extreme definition.

Clearly, this is quite relative and, in fact, controversial.

‍🏋️‍♀️ How to prepare before a Bikini Fitness competition

During a Bikini Fitness competition, apart from the taking into consideration the previous physical work and the feeding, all details are taken into account:

This is because, as we have been saying, in this modality more things come into play than just training and dieting.

If you’re already determined to prepare for a competition, here are the details you need to know.

  • Competitors are normally evaluated in two rounds: they must appear in a two-piece bikini and high heels.
  • Thongs are not allowed: but the use of accessories such as earrings, rings and bracelets are permitted.
  • Makeup and hair styling are essential: facial beauty is another criterion when it comes to evaluating.
  • Your skin should have an attractive tone: don’t wait until the competition to see how your skin tint looks, try it out beforehand.
  • Competition shoes are different in each federation: it is important that you know which ones are allowed by your federation and choose the appropriate footwear.

We’ re going to stop here a little longer, because it’s our specialty, and we can help you. 😁

👠 Which are the Bikini Fitness competition shoes

Shoes have a regulation height, which is checked at the athletes’ registration before competing.

When choosing your Bikini Fitness shoes, you should keep in mind that:

  • They should highlight your physique: if you choose your competition shoes correctly, your legs will look longer and shapelier.
  • They should make it easy for you to pose: comfortable enough to walk around the stage with confidence and security and allow you to pose smoothly and elegantly.

This can be accomplished with quality shoes; don’t gamble with the result of the competition wearing shoes that are not designed for it.

To give you an idea of what Bikini Fitness competition shoes look like, we show you some of our models:

As you can see, Bikini Fitness shoes are quite high; that is why we recommend practicing with them before the competition.

💪 Do you dare to undertake the Bikini Fitness lifestyle?

As you can see, the Bikini Fitness is much more than a sport.

It’s a lifestyle and you can see it in the personal stories of athletes like:

Nattalia also explains it in detail in this video:

Behind all these stories there’s something in common. I’m sure you can sense what it is, can’t you?
Behind every success story, there’s a lot of work, effort and discipline.
When you decide to start training for a competition there are many things in your life that will change and you must make sure you are prepared both physically and emotionally, especially if it is your first competition.

Are you a Bikini Fitness athlete? Are you currently preparing to compete?
If you have already competed, how was your experience?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

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