Each day more women practice bodybuilding. As a life form, to be in shape or as a career to participate in numerous competitions.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the practice of female amateur bodybuilding, but also on the professional level. In countries like the United Kingdom, every year the number of contestants doubles and exists a significate increase of participants on a global scale.

There is no doubt that this is more than just a fad.

 “There are enough hours a day for anyone to accomplish what they want” Brittany Rhodes  (winner of Miss NABBA, organized by the National Bodybuilders Association of the United Kingdom)

Currently, the Bikini Fitness category is the modality that attracts the greatest number of people. This is perhaps because without losing the essence of bodybuilding, more “natural, beautiful, and proportioned” bodies are shown.

Let’s say it is the lowest step to compete in bodybuilding. The Bikini Fitness was created to allow women who train in the gym to compete intensively, follow a diet plan and want to compete in some way but do not want to have a developed physique in excess.

If you are interested in participating in this modality, you are a beginner in the practice of the Bikini Fitness, or you are just curious about this sport, read on because we are going to try to bring you clarity on what is the Bikini Fitness and what is evaluated in this sporting discipline on the rise.


What is bikini Fitness

Bikini Fitness is a sports discipline recognized by the executive board of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) on November 7, 2010, in Azerbaijan. At that time the administrative and technical rules governing this discipline were established, although it has undergone some small changes since then. It was not introduced as a discipline in competitions until 2011.

Bikini Fitness is mainly aimed at women who keep their body in shape and have a healthy diet. The general lines of the body, balance, and proportions, toned and a healthy appearance, are taken into consideration.

Atletas bikini fitness

Categories in Bikini Fitness

Bikini Fitness started being a unique category, but due to the high popularity that this modality has reached, it was necessary to expand the categories according to the ages of the participants and within these establish different groups according to the height of the same.


CATEGORY BIKINI FITNESS JUNIOR (from 18 to 22 years old or 23 if at the beginning of the year was 22). This category is one size fits all.

CATEGORY BIKINI FITNESS SENIOR (from 23 years to 35 years). It is divided into the following sizes: Short (up to 1.58 m), Medium (up to1, 63 m), Medium-high (up to 1.69 m) and High (+1.69 m).

CATEGORY BIKINI FITNESS MASTER (more than 35 years). It is divided into two sizes: Low (up to 1.63 m) and High (+ 1.63 m).


What is evaluated bikini fitness?

If you are thinking about competing, you need to know what they evaluate in bikini fitness to be able to prepare adequately and be successful in competitions.

It seems that there are quite a few differences of opinions and many interpretations of what judges evaluate in a bikini fitness competition. We will be based on the views and testimonies of people intimately related to this world and with enough experience to know the subject they are talking about.


Michelle Brannan is the founder of Showgirl Fitness, where she trains with her team to bikini athletes from several countries, with more than 500 podiums in international competitions. Michelle says that “Fitness is a subjective sport, so you need to find out what is required of you regarding appearance and presentation, as each federation is slightly different”.

Therefore, although we know that every participant must have a well-formed, fit, healthy and attractive appearance, similar to that of the models, it is also necessary that you know that the results of a competition are based on a set of things such as charisma, personality, presence, image, and physique.

According to Juan Bautista Morales from

“Athlete’s presentation is key. You will not always win the best physique, as it happens in bodybuilding. In Bikini fitness, you consider how the athlete presents herself, her sympathy, how she moves, how she transmits. Also, how this mode does not need a high degree of development and muscle definition, depends a lot on genetics and with this, we refer to long limbs, fine bones. The two things to consider in a bikini fitness competition are the presentation of the athlete and genetics.”

The sure thing is that the criteria of the judges vary enough. In general, they look for a proportionate woman, with a physical body but not overly muscular (something entirely relative at times and that generates controversy with the judges). Defined muscles are sought but without separation or extreme definition.



Competitors are usually evaluated in two rounds in which they wear a two-piece bikini and high heels. The use of thongs is not allowed, but it does allow the use of accessories such as earrings, rings, bracelets…

It’s important to know what shoes are allowed in your federation and choose the appropriate competition shoes, since the main goal of a Bikini Fitness shoes is to highlight your physique by showing off your longer and more turned legs, as well as helping you to pose in a more fluid way and elegant, giving you the comfort you need to walk the stage with confidence and security.

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Definitely, in addition to the body, skin tone, jewelry, clothing (bikini style and shoes), hairdressing, makeup, staging and posing are also valued.
That’s why in this modality, more things come into play besides training and diet.


Bikini Fitness as a lifestyle

The fitness bikini is much more than a sports modality, it is a lifestyle and you can see it in athletes’ personal stories like Oksana Oleynik, Mariya Morozova, Ekarerina Rykova, Sheena Jayne

Behind all these stories there is something familiar.

Surely you intuit what it is, right?

Behind every success story, there is a lot of work, effort, and discipline.

To participate in fitness bikini competitions, especially if it is your first time, in addition to training and eating you must take into account emotional aspects.

When you decide to start training for competitions, there are many things in your life that are going to change, and you must make sure that you are prepared both physically and emotionally.

Are you a Bikini Fitness athlete? Are you currently preparing to compete in Bikini Fitness?

If you have already competed, what has been your experience?

We will love reading you in the comments!


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